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International Floorcoverings – Natralis

International FloorcoveringsAntimicrobial Sisal
Villa Natralis

Luxury on your floor


At International Floorcoverings we love natural fibres, colours and textures. We source and distribute different styles of carpets that we believe will add style and function to a home. Above all we take pride in being innovative and different, we also believe in selling carpets, rugs and runners; that have been produced using environmentally sound and ethical production practices, without compromising the quality, design or style.

Our weavers have combined years of expertise and care to produce a beautifully natural coloured wool carpet aimed at today’s living requirements, that we really can be proud of.

The yarns used in a VILLA NATRALIS woven carpet are 100% pure un-dyed natural wool fibre.

These fibres are graded and blended together to give us these luxurious, 100% natural colour tones. The fibres are then spun and woven on Wilton looms. This method of weaving carpet dates back hundreds of years, the end result is a durable woven product, which is extremely hard wearing and dimensionally stable.  Also this weaving process means the carpet does not suffer from the delamination or stability weakness often associated with standard tufted carpets.

Naturally beautiful

  • A 100% sustainable fibre.
  • The pure colours retain the natural beauty of the fibre.
  • Excellent fire retardancy, thermal and acoustic properties.
  • Extremely strong and durable.
  • No harsh dyeing processes use in manufacture.
  • Natural wool - able to regulate the humidity of an interior naturally.
  • Naturally non-allergenic.
  • Reduces energy costs: Thermal insulation reduces energy costs as wool carpets help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer because of its superb insulation properties and its ability to regulate humidity. The thicker the carpet, the better the level of insulation provided.
  • Noise insulation.









VILLA NATRALIS are luxurious 100% pure UN-Dyed wool rich carpets, which are inherently soil resistant. They have

a natural ability to repel liquids and subsequently have a reduced tendency to stain due to natural lanolin in the wool fibre. Therefore, they generally require less cleaning than many synthetic fibre carpets.

IFA’s professionally applied stain protection treatment will also help to resist stains as long as they are tackled immediately.

The use of inappropriate or poorly applied treatments will have a detrimental effect on the appearance and performance of our carpets. Therefore, we do not actively promote the application of treatments nor accept responsibility for any problems associated with their inappropriate use or poor application. In these circumstances our product guarantee will be void.



Cut pile carpets sometimes show a shading effect that appears as light and dark patches due to different pile direction.

This effect can be exaggerated by such things as room lighting and certain types of traffic across the carpet.

Shading is a natural phenomenon which cannot be totally eliminated in the production process and is therefore not considered to be a manufacturing fault.


CFR: 10.5 kw/hr

Colour Fastness: 4-5

Wear Rating: Medium to Heavy Commercial


Contact us

For samples or for more information on this fantastic product, contact our showrooms:

2 Hordern Place, Camperdown NSW 2050 SYDNEY

Unit 4/32 Boothby Street, Kedron Brisbane 4031 QUEENSLAND

310a Bay Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192 MELBOURNE

Unit 9/30 Erindale Road, Balcatta Perth WA 6021 WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Australia wide:          1800 339 379