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Harbour Living

Harbour Living
Harbour Living is an established furniture, home wares and accessory business that brings a fresh and current approach to home decorating.

Harbour Living was opened in September 2013 and is located at Crow’s Nest, Sydney’s iconic North Shore furniture zone .It offers a unique showroom providing a one-stop shopping experience for all your furniture, home wares and home decorating needs.

The carefully selected range of unique home furnishing products will delight both the middle to high-end customer and the versatility in the range allows clients to create an individual look for their home.

For those who are unsure of how to create the best look and style for their home, an in-house stylist can guide you through the process and help you achieve an outcome to suit your taste and budget.

Harbour Living specializes in individual and exclusive residential and commercial furniture that is complimentary to a wide range of interiors, including, creative and practical inner urban living spaces and coastal havens that suit the lifestyle of busy working individuals.

• Residential Furniture and Home wares

• Project Procurement and Management

• Commercial Office Furniture

• Professional Design Services

• Home Delivery & Installation

• Informative Design Based Online Service



For further information please contact,

Phone: 02 8096 9555