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David Heimann Interview

How did you get into design?

I grew up thinking about life from a visual perspective. Design is a passion & an addiction for me. The appearance of our environments has always been of interest, however I soon developed a keen connection to how we are effected by these spaces & it's impact on our well being. My interest in interior design evolved from initial study of fine arts & fashion history. 


Is there a particular design / culture influence that inspires you?

Australia is a country of enormous freedom & opportunity. We naturally look to the world for inspiration & ideas & intuitively tap in to historic references and influences from the past - however we have in essence - our own core style. I am constantly inspired by art , music artists, nature & traveling - however the Australian creativity is a great source of progressive thought.


Do you see any synergy between fashion and interiors?

Fashion & interior culture seem to evolve coincidently. We are often feeling that we want to respond to new ideas in our homes that are initially provoked or introduced from changes in the way we present ourselves & ways we wish to dress. Lifestyle is all encompassing. When we have seen too much minimalism with clean lines, monotone schemes & hard finishes - we respond for a yearning for texture, soul & familiar comfort. The cycle continues for interiors & fashion. 


As a designer and  retailer how do see the marriage of bricks and mortar and online?

We currently find ourselves in a fascinating time in regards to consumer behaviour and responses to product & research. As vitally important as online presence obviously is - we must not forget the importance & potency of the physical experience & all it's sensory power. Whilst a great deal of initial research is done online - the showroom or retail component of presentation is  equally important. I think that online experiences need huge injections of newness & intimacy to stand ground and surprise. 


Do you see any commonality as to how Australians are living today?

Australians have great style. Coastal ,urban & rural lifestyles come together in a fresh blend of ideas and needs that give us a unique flavour in the way we live. Our casualness, climate & wonderful cultural blend provide a canvas for an aspirational approach to living. Our architecture & decorating are heavily influenced by this & the world now looks to us as a fascinating source of ideas for a lifestyle connected to nature, exoticism & well being. 


As  the apartment living trend continues to grow, what are your top tips for living in small spaces?

As we find ourselves living in apartments & more compact spaces - many of our clients have found solace in using our occasional pieces. I find smaller spaces require multifunctional furniture - interesting sculptural side tables that double as stools - can be bedsides, cocktail tables , extra balcony seating or display plinths for favourite objects. Apartment pieces need to be adaptable but interesting on the eye. 


What do you see as Spring / Summer trend for 2014 2015?

We see many trends in interiors come & go - however hints of metallic remain important to a cohesive space. We love to inject a hint of glint into a room that usually combines natural timbers, leathers, linen & a little marble. An introduction of a little metallic mirror frame, side table, artwork or accessory gives a sheen and much needed treat to a room - as does jewellery to an outfit - be it aged bronze, silver, pewter, copper or the much anticipated injection of gold.