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A laser cut metal screen can transform a featureless wall into a dramatic focal point in any backyard. The Pandanus Wetland scene by the pool below was created by Melbourne based metal art studio Entanglements. The metal is powder coated with a cor-ten finish, which gives it a rust-like appearance whilst protecting it from the elements. This means it won't leech iron oxide and stain the wall behind. An outdoor LED strip also provides a gorgeous sunset effect at night. Installation was handled by Kihara Landscapes.
The Flower Pole Pergoda by design studio Entanglements, creates an outdoor room that you'll want to use all year round. This example, which was installed in a Malvern residence, includes planter boxes on all four sides of the roof. In a few short months, greenery will be starting to cascade down from the top of the pillars making it truly part of the environment. Also featured is the 'Zen Fire Ball' with an enclosed bio-ethanol burner. Outdoor LED lights are fitted in the pergoda pillars and underneath the seats.