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Canvas River

Canvas River, Australia’s premier fine art reproduction company, would like to introduce you to some of their artists:

Sally Willbanks is owner/operator of Canvas River.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Art from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (USA).  She is a notable abstract artist who not only is the brainchild behind Canvas River, but also runs her own gallery in Milton NSW.

Clair Bremner is an up and coming Aussie artist well known for her harmonious and colourful abstract landscapes.  She takes her inspiration from Australian flora and fauna, while setting a mood with her playful colour combinations.

Katarina Kalmonva is a Slovakian abstract artist who takes inspiration from the scenes, scents, moods and seasons of nature, all in an attempt to express her innermost feelings.

Lucie Jirku is a Czech artist who paints very colourful and highly organized geometrical abstracts.  She has a very distinctive style based on colourful harmony and formal simplicity.

Kotaro Machiyama is a Japanese artist who paints bold, colourful yet minimal abstracts.  Her work is about deconstructing beautiful objects to reconstruct them on canvas, in order to take viewers out of their present moment, away from their everyday lives.

These are just a few of the 25 artists who are licensed by Canvas River.  To see our extensive collections, please visit