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Valspar – Styling With White

Tips and Tricks for Styling with White!

White can be the perfect backdrop for practically any style. By understanding the undertone and proportion of white with other colours and design elements, it can be the very thing that pulls the total look together. Here are a few tips and tricks to make white work for you.

All colours carry an undertone, even white. It’s fundamentally important to analyse that undertone and make sure it harmonises with other colours in your space. Don’t forget that flooring is colour and contains a huge amount of colour. Take that into consideration when you choose your wall colours.

For those who are anxious about using bright or deep colours but don’t want a room to be boring, texture can be the perfect element to create focus and depth. Try combining tactile materials such as natural linen, faux fur, chunky knits and untreated wood in shades of white. The space will feel relaxed and fresh.

The major contrast of black and white creates timeless drama and energy. Altering the proportion of colour can totally change the look and feel. Using a greater proportion of white with highlights of black creates a fresh look with punch. Use a larger proportion of black or dark grey with white trim and the feeling is moody and bold.

If you want to make a space feel upbeat and high energy, make white your canvas and add pops of colour to bring fun and draw focus. A crisp white is perfect to showcase an array of lively colours.  Try mixing patterns and blocks of colour. Colour brings focus so a coloured feature wall is a great place to hang a favourite piece of art.