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Student Design Competition Launching February 2016

Here in Australia, the inside/outside design element in residential dwellings is often essential, as our warm climate allows us to embrace the fact that open-air spaces work best. Interiors are merging with exteriors creating hybrid spaces that enable us to awaken our senses.  Interior design meets landscape architecture in the transitional spaces that fuse the indoors to the outdoor spaces. It is this in between state, connecting both spaces that require the interior designer’s sensitive treatment in the blurring of the boundaries between the two.

As technology infiltrates our lives, the need for communication and gatherings are more important than ever. The traditional ‘deck’, ‘veranda’ or ‘balcony is now required to service a different function.


‘Australia Cottage’ operates as accommodation for Indigenous families and students in Sydney. The cottage is used to house Indigenous visitors who spend time visiting their children from outback destinations who have been supported by bursaries for high school education.

The housing environment must be accommodating yet sensitive to the occupants heritage and transitional experience.

The cottage is also used to accommodate Year 12 graduates who wish to stay in the city post Year 12 studies until either university begins or jobs are undertaken. This is only temporary accommodation not permanent so it has transient occupants. The cottage must be designed and renovated to make them feel welcome , not overwhelmed and encourage them to stay in the city rather than return to outback country properties.

The current building is used for accommodation purposes, however it is lacking space for breakout areas. They have the ability to utilise unused areas beyond the current building footprint.

More to follow in our next issue!