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International Floorcoverings

All your needs covered – naturally

Ancient materials with a modern touch.


For thousands of years our ancient ancestors covered their floors with woven natural fibres like coir, sisal, jute, paper, rush and bamboo. Modern technology has revolutionised these once primitive materials to produce strikingly simple floor coverings full of texture, character and style.

Elemental and dramatic, our woven floor coverings are the choice of modern designers and architects seeking to make an impact in classic and contemporary living spaces. Our range of woven carpets represent the best of a wide variety of available weaves, patterns and colours, but it’s more than just good looks; these fibres are especially good for allergy sufferers. With regular vacuuming the accumulation of dust is very minimal, this is due to the nature of the very tight weaving process. An added bonus for sufferers is that both coir and sisal fibre contain tannins which repel dust mites, they are also antistatic making them easy to maintain, they are extremely hard wearing while providing sound absorption, but also being surprisingly soft underfoot.

All of our woven carpets can be made into floor rugs or installed wall to wall using a quality underlay, giving you a luxurious feeling underfoot while also providing a good foot massage. International Floor Coverings, having over 100 years experience with woven floorcoverings, provide a fully guaranteed installation service, this includes a free measure and quote service in the Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne metropolitan areas as well as surrounding districts.

Our entire range of woven carpets are Environmentally friendly. Our natural fibre carpets are made completely from renewable resources, the dyes used are acid free and conform with all European standards, and made from plant fibre they break down. Even our woven Platinum Antron® 6.6 Nylon fibre commercial carpet comes with the green tick of approval, this is due to the fibre being recyclable, the energy used for manufacturing the Antron® fibre is 30% lower than the European benchmark. Added to this is the durability of the product, lasting longer on the floor, lessens the need to replace it as often as normal carpet.

Abaca & Raffia 100% custom hand woven floor rugs

Abaca: A Philippine tree related to the banana, this fibre is also used in the production of currency paper (US$ in particular), bible paper, tea bags, marine rope, handmade paper, wall coverings and a variety of handicrafts. Abaca hemp is soft to touch yet strong enough to hold ocean liners to docks. As a floor covering, abaca fibre is ideal because it gets softer and softer the more it is walked on.

All designs; Corvo, Coron, Koro, Irish, Rabi

Kapuas and Manzanilla are available in five colourways: Cream, Black, Malay, Wheat and a two-tone (Pearl/Malay). As these unique floor rugs are custom woven to order, allow 8 to 10 weeks for production and delivery.


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