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Eric Kalde – So Branded

So Branded

Choosing a name is one of the fun parts of starting your own business. You can let your imagination run wild. It’s fun to come up with all sorts of catchy  names. A name by itself is not intellectual property. Unless you have taken action to turn your name into intellectual property you cannot claim ownership. The trick is to pick a name than can be converted into intellectual property.

Not all names can be trademarked. It is important to pick a name that can. This is the difference between good branding and simply picking a name. Good branding will add lots of value to your business, and make it easier to defend against imitators. Poor branding may leave you with lots of competitors profiting from your idea, and no intellectual property to defend yourself with.

In choosing a name, you need to make sure that it is not only catchy but can be trademarked. This will mean that some of your most cherished names will have to be crossed off the list. What you are left with are the names or name that both encapsulates what your brand is all about and can be registered. What we are talking about here is branding. Trademarking is part of a wider subject of branding.

Owning a trademark is the destination. Branding is the starting point. In establishing a brand uniqueness is key for a couple of reasons. One reason is that ‘unique’ is the opposite of ‘generic’. And generic cannot be trademarked.

In order to do branding perfectly, you need an expert in marketing and an expert in intellectual property law. These two areas of expertise are seldom found in one person. There are no true branding companies in Australia that take you all the way from concept to trademark. Until now.

John Eussen of Eussen Living and legal expert Eric Kalde have teamed up to create ‘So Branded’.  A boutique firm that only does branding. We will pick your name and get it trademarked. You get a create name that captures your concept perfectly, and you get to own it as a registered trademark.

Why brand at all?  Much of the value of any business in contained in it’s brand. It is worth making sure you own a monopoly on your brand before embarking on the long road of promotion. Once you are successful, the imitators will surely appear. The only question then is whether you own your brand or not? Detailed information is available on our website