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Affordable Rooms

Selling your property - what makes a successful sale?

Affordable Rooms by Marina Watson gives great ideas on how to ”dress to impress”   and get your home ready for sale.

Declutter : remove personal items such as family pictures. This will appeal to a wider audience.

Coat of paint: this will freshen up your home and make a buyer feel they can move right in.  

Paint colour; keep it simple and light, allow your furnishings to create the impact.

Furniture proportions : Do you bump into a lounge or chair?  Solution: remove all items out of your room, look at your floor area and then rearrange large items first.   Create an L shape; e.g. 1 sofa and 2 arm chairs, position items so they look onto a feature.

Do you have a walk thru room with more than 1 door?  Solution: centre your soft furnishings away from the wall.  Start adding other items to give the room personality.

Create colour and drama : use large rugs, even on carpeted floors. Add colourful cushions to soft furnishings. Add tall lamps and large paintings to create drama and character in your room.   

Add tall decorative vases and flowers to complete the look.

Proportion is most important!  Keep it large and less is best.

Maximize your reach with great advertising photos to attract more interest, you are now dressed to Impress.