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LQD Skincare

The best men’s skin care money can buy, made right here in Australia. Lqd is a new Australian Premium Skin Care range developed exclusively for Men, so you always look the best you can. Scientifically developed to maintain hydration levels in your skin through every step of your skin care process, Lqd use high levels of Actives to ensure you get maximum results in minimum time.

Lqd believe in a total mind, body, health and lifestyle approach to looking after your skin, as it’s just as important what you put into your body as what you put on your skin. Every product in the range benefits from the inclusion of Aloe Vera, along with active levels of antioxidants, anti-irritants and other scientifically proven ingredients to ensure each product works as intended.

It’s not just what’s in the product that counts, but also what’s not in it. Lqd have left out commonly used ingredients that are known skin irritants, like essential oils, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium dodecyl sulphate, parabens, menthol, petroleum derivatives, colours and fragrances.