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De Lorenzo Haircare

Great Hair Runs in the Family

De Lorenzo is a rarity amongst hair brands in Australia. Remaining a family-owned and operated brand to this day, the De Lorenzo family like to keep business personal.

Founded in 1945 by the De Lorenzo brothers, Vincent and Anton, the name soon became synonymous with great Australian hairdressing. Vincent and Anton won many accolades in their time and ran Sydney’s ‘it’ salon in the 1960s and 1970s, where the A-list frequented. It was here they began creating their own hair product formulations and in 1986, De Lorenzo hair care as it is today was born.

It is now their sons who run their beloved business, creating great products from inception to fruition on-site in Sydney, making De Lorenzo the only Australian brand to do this.

The De Lorenzo ethos lies on the principles of nature. Using both Certified Organics where they can and locally sourced fair trade ingredients in their products, they say they are ‘inspired by nature’, because as Vincent said “Nature is far more clever than man will ever be”

The De Lorenzo products have a prescriptive philosophy based on Trichology. This philosophy was crucial to creating quality haircare products for co-founder Vincent, who was Australia’s first qualified Trichologist, and their first range of haircare products, Prescriptive Solutions soon catapulted the brand to national success.
This range was closely followed by a range of styling and treatment products. Being respectful of their environmental footprint was always something that the company held as a standard. They were the first to manufacture a non-aerosol hairspray pump in the 80’s when CFCs were a major environmental concern, and today they continue to ensure responsible manufacturing in this area.

De Lorenzo strictly never test on animals and does not use any animal derived ingredients in their products. Vegan-friendly, the brand will never use lanoline, keratin, beeswax or silk proteins. The products are also free of petrochemicals and can be trusted by the Australian market to be reliable, effective and created mindfully.

What sets De Lorenzo aside from their competitors is not only the quality and reliability of their products but the conscience and heart of the brand. Proudly supporting Australian jobs and economy, the core values lie in the family atmosphere at their site in Sydney. Products are dreamed up, thoroughly researched, developed, created, manufactured and used all under one roof by the expert team.

Today, De Lorenzo is highly esteemed in the hairdressing industry, among the beauty business and with their loyal customers. The company have managed to find a wonderful balance between being big enough to compete, but small enough to care.